Sing it!

Spotlight Entertainment is one of the most popular Karaoke Hosts in the area and has all state-of-the-art Karaoke equipment, color monitor to display the lyrics, and thousands of great songs from nearly all popular
genres available.  We can also integrate Karaoke into any function, seamlessly moving back and forth from dancing to Karaoke as is


Spotlight Entertainment will provide the background music, and the lyrics are displayed right there on the color television monitor for you to see.  All you and your guests need to provide are the vocals.  As the song plays, the words scroll on the video screen to help you follow along. The lyrics change color to give you the appropriate flow of the words for each verse. It's that easy.


Spotlight Entertainment will make sure that the energy level is high and that the

emphasis is not on the "performance" but rather on group participation and creating an exciting party atmosphere. It's always a big hit and a wonderful addition to every party or function.


Spotlight Entertainment serves as the master of ceremonies making sure that there is a smooth pace to the event, keeping everyone involved.  We provide all the equipment including TV screen, song lists, and thousands of Karaoke songs from the 1940s to today's current top hits. Karaoke is a great way for people of all different age groups to have a good time together. Karaoke is also a great ice-breaker and adds the right spark to any event. Give us a call at 214.773.4526 or send us the details by clicking Contact Us so we can add this popular service to your special event.

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